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Peter Robbins

Caesar Robbins’ son
1792 – 1855, 63 years

Peter Robbins bought this newly built farmhouse and over 13 acres for $260 in 1823. Peter, whose father Caesar Robbins had been considered property when he was enslaved for over 30 years, was able to purchase property—a significant achievement in one generation.

Described as “the big burly son of Caesar Robbins,” Peter worked as a farmer and seasonal laborer, selling timber from the trees on his land and the rye and
cranberries he grew.

In 1824 Peter married Fatima Oliver; they lived here together until 1831. Peter then moved with his wife’s relative Almira Davis to a nearby farm, where they
had 13 children. Deeply in debt from mortgaging two farms, by 1835 Peter lost all his property to his creditors, but he soon leased it back, becoming a
tenant farmer. Peter and Fatima divorced in 1837 and she stayed on in the Robbins House, while Peter retained the rights to all the rye growing on the farm.

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